Tutorial Import – Carbon Credit Analysis Verra + Intuinet

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In this example we will analyze the projects from Verra Registry

Go to https://registry.verra.org/app/search/VCS/VCUs  

Select one country of your choice 

Click search

Click on the excel icon to download the results
Save the file as CSV (Comma Delimited)

Attention the name is important
Go to https://demo.intuinet.fr

Go to the upload page. The upload icon is locked in the demo account. Feel free to contact admin@arkanna.co to ask for the access. 

After registering, you will have access to the page. 
Drag and drop the CSV file which you downloaded at the previous step.
And click next 

Download the following meta model to link the data : Download 

Write a name
Then click on “Import Configuration” and select the file you just downloaded. 
Click to next
Click on “Upload FIle and start crunching”
Extend the title you just created from the left menu.Click on “Manage db”
Click on “ADD” 
Then “Create”
Click on “New session”
Click on the icon to create the query of visualization
Right click -> Add node 
Click on “Country”
Right click -> add node
Click on “VCUS”
Right click -> Add edge

Click on the first node and then the second. (An edge will then appears between them)

Click on “VCUS_isin_COUNTRY”

Repeat the above process with the Project and company to have the model looks similar to the illustration. 

Click on “Execute”
Print screen and save as an image

Read the theory about Network Analysis to know which pattern to recognise : Download Theory 

Download a template and copy/paste the image, and write a short description about the patterns that you recognise.
Send your result to slack or admin@arkanna.co  for validation

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