Intuinet Tutorial – #2 A selection of things

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Intuinet step by step tutorial.

Select: go into lasso mode, lasso a bunch of nodes and voilà!

Selected nodes have highlighted boundaries so they can be easily spotted on the screen.

But why in the world would you care about selecting nodes? you say.

  • You want to act on a set of nodes and not all of those that are displayed on the screen: hide them, so you gain readability for instance.
  • You see this funny pattern occurring on the screen.
    • You select it and can easily center the view on this selected pattern — easy way to zoom onto the right spot.
  • When you are simultaneously dealing with several views (more on this later)
    • Select a group of nodes in a view and locate them in the other panels. This turns out to be quite handy, believe me when I tell you 🙂

It’s your turn. Go to IntuiNet, load the Trump social network (or any other network you like) and make sure to tour yourself around node selection.

  • Select nodes with the lasso, add a few more nodes using the “add selection” mode (“+” icon).
  • Hide the “Donald J. Trump” node, re-layout the network to see how much hiding D.J. Trump disconnects the network (which it does since the network is defined around him, it is an ego-network).
  • Make sure to go to the “Dual view example” session.
    • The left panel shows a series of networks where links are family links (marriage, children and parents, siblings)
    • The right panel shows the whole network.
    • Selecting a small family network will locate those family members in the whole network.

Have fun, see you at the next tutorial lesson.

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