IntuiNet Tutorial – #1 Simple things first

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Simple things first. They are all expected, now standard, navigation aids:

  • Drag nodes around. You need this to improve local readability, fine-tune screenshots, or simply highlight something when working remotely with colleagues.
  • Pan the view (translate). Also very common, and sooo essential, way of moving around nodes and edges in the network. Click on the background and drag the view.
  • Zoom in and out. Either roll the mouse wheel, pinch the touchpad, or simply use the application button /


These actions are afforded when in default, navigation, mode (blue icon below).

Modes can be accessed by clicking on different icons (buttons).

More sophisticated yet still simple.

  • Select nodes. Being able to select items on the screen is fun-da-men-tal.
    • Draw a lasso around nodes you want to select. Click theicon to go into select mode (top left).
    • Add individual nodes to the selection. Click theicon to activate the “add to selection” mode.
  • Access to node details. Nodes are not just small circles on the screen; they can contain mountains of useful information.
    • Go into inspection mode by clicking on theicon .

It’s your turn. Go to IntuiNet, load the Trump social network (or any other network you like) and make sure to explore all the different modes.

Have fun, see you at the next tutorial lesson.

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